Losing Weight is Beneficial Research Shows

Written on October 1, 2014 at 2:49 am, by Harry Barnes

Listen folks, this is the rub. We need to separate bananas from other things. It’s like an apples to oranges comparison, except with some apples. You like apple? That’s like that line in Rush Hour 2 by that Asian chick in the car, to the other attractive lady. Isn’t it?

Keep focus now, we need to be health conscious. More conscious that Taylor Kitsch choosing starring roles. He went from headlining blockbuster movies to fruity commercials. He’s even been in the latest COD commercial, though other big stars have appeared in the franchise and their careers have been just fine.

Anyway, it is a Happy Halloween, as you can smell the pumpkin spice coffees everywhere. I love the smell of pumpkins honestly.

Eating too much pumpkin pie is not good for you though. If you’re trying to lose weight that is. Eat some pumpkin seeds instead. There is nothing quite like fast weight loss men who want to get into the sexy costumes. Oh wait, the sexy costume thing should be for the females and fit girl right? Well if you’re not in shape and fit, and you’re a girl, you need to figure out how to lose weight for women very soon.

The longest play of the game I need to talk about here is that we lost our banana focus in these rapid weight loss tips. Stop thinking about what to do and when to do it, and start thinking about what not to do. Don’t eat bad food. You’ll get spread on, and I’m not talking about a bagel with cream cheese. A sad thing is that you can get cancer by eating badly. We root for people to stay healthy, and you’re terrible habits are getting in the way of that. We want you to live, but you don’t? That’s so bad.

Almost as bad as having a pond in your backyard! What do you need that for? Just like that pumpkin pie spice thing, what do you need that for?! It doesn’t take more than one genius to figure out how stupid you’re acting by eating junk food.

And don’t give me any of this “the government is trying to kill us” bull. You’re talking about health conscious government, so don’t give me any of that rice. They’re actually good people aren’t they. I hope they are.

Regardless, if you’re completely lost and you don’t know what’s what, click here and you’ll be a millionaire. Just kidding, you won’t be. But you will be happier doing it. I hope. Honestly I have no idea. Just click it so that good things happen for you and you’re health. The site will make your good decisions for you, and you will be the healthiest person of all time.